Press Release

30 August, 2017

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Science Inspired Leggings – Making Science Fashionable

A fun and fashionable way for amazing women to show off their love for science, promote disease prevention, and support research.

Fort Collins, Colorado, August 24- September 23, $8,000 Kickstarter goal

From August 24th – September 23rd, science supporters and fashion lovers will be able to purchase our first line of CureGear apparel at an exclusive Kickstarter launch price. Each pair of leggings are designed for comfort and fit and incorporate a real scientific image produced by scientists. The images are subtle and trendy, but are also unique and a great way to show off your love for science!

CureGear’s mission is to empower the brilliant women in science while supporting medical research. We want to break down the stigma around women in science and encourage younger women and girls to pursue the STEM fields!

Our company was founded by Jessie, Daniel, and Alex. We are a team of science lovers, dreamers, and do-ers who truly want to make a difference for the women in this field. Science is beautiful, and we are excited to be able to incorporate scientific images into fashion! We are also passionate about research and donate a portion of our profits to support medical research!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where those who are interested can purchase our featured products at an exclusive event price. We have set a goal of $8,000 which will enable us to order the leggings in the large quantities that are required. Our Kickstarter campaign is all or nothing, so we must reach our goal to manufacture the leggings and get them to our science loving fashionistas! We are very proud of the leggings that we have created, and we are excited to share these designs with all of you! ###

CureGear Ltd., 242 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Jessie Haugen

(719) 849-1916

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