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Our Mission

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CureGear is a science-inspired apparel brand brought to you by tuberculosis researchers from Colorado State University. 

With our products, we have three main goals

1. Allow science and medical enthusiasts to show off their love and support for biomedical research

It is our mission to design each piece of clothing with the science and medical lover in-mind. We truly value providing our customers with high-quality and fashionable clothing items that propagate meaningful and passionate conversations.

2. Support medical research

A portion of the profits from each product are donated to the non-profit of your choice to support medical research. During checkout, you have the opportunity to choose the organization that you are most passionate about. Click here to learn more about the organizations that we support.

3. Inspire scientific enthusiasm in young girls

By wearing science-inspired clothing and getting the conversation started about science, we hope to inspire more young girls to get into science or other STEM fields. 


Charity Organizations

Learn about the non-profit organizations that we support here.